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Flood Masters

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Our Unique Restoration Process


1. 24HR Emergency Water Removal

On call Flood Masters crews react fast to water disasters with powerful water extraction equipment. Large losses to small areas were here to help.

2. The Drying Process

2. The Drying Process and Wet Material Removal

Once the standing water is removed technicians will evaluate all affected area's. Building material's that are damaged by the water are scheduled for immediately for removal. Demo crews setup plastic containment wall's with Hepa filtration, so no dust or debris is blown about in your home or business. All wet material are removed from your property and disposed of.

3. Maintaining Open Communication

3. Open Communication

Throughout the water removal, drying process and removal of wet materials, Flood Masters will record the incident to including photos and moisture readings. Once the work is complete, we will use the same billing program as your insurance company to create an estimate. We will keep in contact with you and your insurance adjuster through out the process to come to a complete and approved billing amount.

Water Damage Restoration

When the Flood Masters technician arrives we will give you a complete run down of all steps for your water damage cleanup. If a licensed plumber is necessary to locate the water leak or source of water damage we have you covered. We have licensed plumbers on call that specialize in fixing your leak. Our goal is to keep you informed and provide you with the best of customer service.

The Process

  • If you are experiencing water damage call 1-800-395-0300
  • Our techs will arrive immediately to begin the drying process. We can help you file your claim and talk to your insurance carrier.
  • Our crews will extract standing water, monitor moisture levels and remove any wet materials. Any work done will be explained to you before we start and all costs billed to your insurance carrier.
  • All affected area's will be built back to its original state (or even better!).

Fire Damage Restoration

If you have experienced any fire or smoke damage to your home or business Flood Masters can help. Crews are ready 24/7 to respond to any damage you have experienced.

The Process

  • Complete Evaluation of all areas affected by the fire and smoke.
  • Packout and inventory of all contents to include furniture and personal items.
  • Removal of all damaged building materials.
  • Ozone treatment for odor and contamination.
  • HVAC cleaning and all duct work.
  • Replacement and rebuilding of all damaged structural components.
  • Insurance billed as a courtesy.

We're on your side. Let us handle conversations with your insurance adjuster